My Babies

Having two dogs and two cats can be a little crazy at times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. My fur babies are like my real babies, they each have their own individual personalities.

First, there’s Percy:

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Percy is the one I’ve had the longest, it’ll be 8 years this year! He is one of the most cuddly cats I’ve ever met. Every night he wait for Brady and I to go to bed, and then he jumps on the corner of the bed and sleeps with us all night. He can also be a little a**hole (for lack of a better word) because when he gets mad about something, he likes to pee on the carpet. Since this is a pretty rare occasion, I choose to forgive him.

Next is Kairi;


Kairi’s personality cracks me up. She is so strange and very picky about certain things (can’t have anything touching her when she sleeps, etc.). She loves the outdoors and since she is a husky, she loves to run. She loves to sit in the living room with her arm out and supervise the situation (view photo below).

It always makes me laugh to look over and see her just chillin’.

Link is up next; img_3310.jpeg

Link is the nicest cat you’ll ever meet (I think it’s because he thinks he’s a dog). He never scratches or bites and he lets you carry him wherever you want. With Link, we cannot leave out any food or it’ll be gone in seconds. When we first got him, we accidentally left out a pack of hotdog buns and he ate two whole ones by himself!!

Percy and Link HATE each other, but here is a nice picture of them getting along for a second.

And last but not least is Milo


He is such an energetic and goofy pup. Two years ago while Brady and I were camping, our friends car broke down and they walked back to the campsite. Along the way, they found two small starving puppies. You guessed it, Milo was one of them. We decided to bring him back to the city and try to find a home for him, but we couldn’t give him up because we loved him so much. He became best friends with Kairi and now our little fur baby family feels complete.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
They are truly the best of friends.
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  1. You’re so lovely and the pictures are beautiful. Will bookmark when I get home

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