A True Fairy Tale

People always ask how we met and a common reaction is people saying “wow that’s so cool!!” I really wanted to share how we met and our history because I find that it is a really unique story.

Our story goes back pretty far because our families are good friends. When I was five, I was visiting my cousins (who live 2 hours away from me) and we decided to go for a boat ride. The sky started to get cloudy so my cousins suggested we go and stop at their friends and lo and behold it was Brady’s parents house that we stopped at. All of the kids went inside and were instructed to hide in the basement because there was a tornado coming!! Thankfully we were all okay and nothing got destroyed but now I get to tell people “I met my fiancรฉ because of a tornado!”

Since we lived so far away from each other, we never kept in touch (until 2011 but we’ll get into that later). We’re 3 1/2 years apart so that also kept us from hanging out. I did see him over the years when I would go visit my cousins but that’s about it.

New Years hangout at my cousins

Now cut to February 2011 when I decided to make a facebook status about how much I loved Justin Bieber (I was 14) and Brady commented on it which lead to a 80 comment chat on the status before we finally decided to take it into messenger. This is when we started to become really good friends.

flirting at it’s finest (Brady is the first comment)

Although we were almost 4 years apart, we still went on a date (me; 14 him; 17). We went to the mall and walked around all day, even going to a park nearby. He got his parents to drive him 2.5 hours to just hangout at the mall and see a movie (I call that true love). After the date I decided that I wanted to be just friends because of our age difference, so we became best friends.

just a couple of awkward beans on their first date

When I say best friends I mean the bestest of friends. We texted everyday and hangout at least once a week (or tried to at least). We would always go see movies, go quadding/snowmobiling, drive around trying to find the blue slurpee at Seven Eleven (tried 5 different ones) or just hangout and play video games. This went on for a long time (5ish years), I dated other people and so did he but we always remained really close. We had so many ups and downs but I am soooo glad we always came back to each other.

also very awkward beans watching a movie in the most awkward position

First year university is when we actually started dating and now it’s 3 years later and we’re getting married this August!!

So there you have it, from tornados to Justin Bieber to slurpees, our meeting story and friendship history is a unique one and I love telling people about it. Honestly, I love this guy so much and I am SO excited to marry my best friend this summer. โ™ก

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  1. Hehe love you youโ€™re so cute ๐Ÿ’•


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