Growing Lettuce From Scraps

I cannot WAIT for summer for various reasons, but one of the main reasons is to have my garden back! There really is nothing better than fresh veggies from the garden. For now, until it gets warmer out, I have to scratch the itch for gardening somehow! I’ve seen this online hundreds of times and never really thought twice about it. I guess I never really realized how easy it is to grow lettuce from scraps. Just a couple easy steps and boom! You have lettuce right in your home! 

At the grocery store, I usually buy the huge pack of romaine lettuce (comes with 6 hearts of lettuce, is it called hearts??). First, all you have to do is cut about 3-4 inches from the bottom and save the rest for making sandwiches, salads, etc. I find that using scissors (that are washed and cleaned of course) is easiest for me to cut them, but I’m sure a knife would work just as well. 

The middle one is bigger because I had it in water for about a week more.

Next, take the cut off ends and put them in some water about halfway up the stems and place them in a bright location that gets some sun. Next step is pretty easy, just wait! Check on them every day to make sure they have enough water (they’ll already start to grow in about a week!). Once they’ve grown 2-3inchs, you can plant them in regular potting soil and let them grow. A good tip I learned from my nanny (thanks nanny) is that you can continue to regrow your lettuce if you cut it off and make sure to keep 2-3 inches exposed out of the soil. 

Note to self; should probably replant plants outdoors to avoid mess…
I know lettuce isn’t a herb ok… still cute tho

The picture below is the little scraps from the first picture (about 3 days later!)

In about 3 days they already grew 2 inches!

So there you have it, easy home lettuce that you can continue to eat and regrow! I think once the garden is ready I won’t plant any lettuce because having it in my home is just so much easier and convenient! Hopefully this easy tip inspires you to reduce, reuse & recycle, and plant so easy at home lettuce. Carli xox

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