An Easy DIY Upcycle for an Old Storage Unit

Alright so, here’s the scoop; I’ve had this storage unit (or what I used to call : “the stairs”) forever. My best friends dad graciously built it for me after I saw hers and needed more storage in my room.

Blurry picture but you get the gist

This was great for a really long time! It really did serve its purpose for me, but I decided it was time for a little upgrade.

The first step was to unassemble the stairs. Thankfully, it was built in squares which made it very easy to take apart the squares and put them wherever I want.

I was going for more of a side board look and I ended up with this:

The squares don’t all perfectly align, so there’s a little overhang, but I think it gives it character

Next, I knew I wanted to add legs to it so it would be lifted off of the ground. I went to Home Depot and here’s what I picked up:

  1. Four legs (around $6.00 CAD each)
  2. Four attachments for the legs (about $3.00 each)
  3. It just so happens that this shelf (which was $25.00) fit the dimensions of the top of the storage unit perfectly!

For assembly, the attachments came with screws so all I had to do was to screw them in. I used a drill but a screwdriver would work perfectly too! For the top piece, I just used some extra screws to screw the board in from underneath so it would be sturdy.

An extra step that could be taken would be to stain the legs. I personally chose to leave them because I liked the look with my dรฉcor.

Voila! An easy upcycle DIY for an old piece of furniture into something that looks WAY more modern. It was pretty easy and fairly affordable! (All in all it was about $65, which seems expensive but compared to even buying a used sideboard, it’s a good deal!)

Thanks for stoping by! Looking forward to my next post and thanks for reading until the end

Chat soon,

Carli xox

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