Spare Bedroom Makeover

Hello Friends!! I haven’t written a post in SO long (I got really busy with wedding stuff, then school and work etc.), BUT I am back! I wanted to make this post about my makeover to my basement spare room, which I did all the way back in July.

The dungeon

As you can see here, she was pretty bare. Concrete floors, no ceiling, old panelled walls (it gave off a really dungeon/creepy vibe). I knew that I wanted it to feel more calming/homey so the first thing I did was paint.

Before painting however, you need to sand. The process of sanding could have been a lot easier and quicker if I would have borrowed my dads electric sander…. but I didn’t. At least I can have the satisfaction of saying I sanding it all by hand!! The reason I had to sand so much was because I couldn’t take off the panelling because the walls aren’t actually drywalled, they are just concrete with panelling glued to them. So, I had to sand and then wipe all the walls down.

Such a huge difference.

It took me about 3 hours to finally sand everything and wipe it all down. Next step was to start painting!!

When in doubt, always paint white! Painting any basement room with white walls opens the space up and adds light and freshness to the room.

This part took the longest.

Since it was all wood paneling, I had to paint every crack and crease to make everything be very solid (so you weren’t able to see the underlying colour). after I did all the cracks, I had to paint around the windows and door (which actually wasn’t too bad)

After 2 coats, this is how the paint turned out! I am actually really happy we left the paneling because it gives the walls a really cool texture and look (not just plain white walls).

I still needed to figure out the floor and the ceiling situation. At the time, we didn’t have that much extra money to spend on a ceiling (we couldn’t really do a drop ceiling because the ceiling is already really low, only 7 ft) so I had to get creative.

After endless scrolling on Pinterest, I found that a cheap temporary solution is to use a flat bedsheet

Since this is temporary, there is a little gap in the ceiling the sheet didn’t make it all the way but it is certainty better than what is was! You may also notice the bubbling at the bottom of the wall. I’m pretty sure this is because the panelling is so old that with the weather changes it started to do that, so one day we will replace this. I also put a huge rug that we had on the floor for extra comfort

And last but certainly not least is adding decor!! We also ending up finding used carpet on Kijiji so we put that down in here as well. I added just a plain shower curtain to the closet to make it feel more sectioned off.

All in all, I am really happy about the outcome of this room. It went from dungeon to cute cozy bedroom. I absolutely love doing home DIYs and I can’t wait to share more!

Thank you for reading


Carli 🙂

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  1. Are you looking for a roommate? Lol!


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