Wedding Welcome Sign

I was soooo excited to create this DIY for the wedding. I saw it on Pinterest and I was determined to make it. Here was my inspiration:


I thought that this little set up was just the cutest, so off to the thrift store I went!

My DIY haul (for this DIY though I only used the flower picture). The others were for other DIYS (to come hehe)

When I went to the thrift store, I knew I need a decent size frame and I wanted the frame colour to be gold. This was a tall order for the thrift store, but I ended up finding this one which I figured I could work with.

I just had to figure out how to take it all apart so I could take the picture out and just have the frame and the glass.

Opted for a butter knife because why not?? I used this to unglue the frame from the glass/photo.


Once I got it all apart I realized that the backing of the frame came up a bit so you could see the white from the other side.

So next step was to cut all of the access white off of the frame. Once cut it looked like this:

Now I had to decide what I wanted to use to write on it. I initially looked for a white Sharpie EVERYWHERE but nowhere had it for some reason. So I asked the person at Micheal’s and they suggested this “chalk” marker that could write on glass. I tried that and this was the end result:

I think the end result was SO cute. So this was set up where our ceremony was going to be held. Once it was getting close to the start time, it started to rain 😦 At the time of drawing on this, I hadn’t taken water into consideration; so since it rained, all of the writing melted off and couldn’t be used (I was very sad). I think this is still a great DIY and I am so sad we didn’t get a picture of it in action but at least I have one picture of the final DIY!! Lesson learned : probably should have just used white acrylic paint hahah.

Thanks for reading!


Carli πŸ™‚

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