Fridge Organization

I am seriously obsessed with the label maker I got last year, I used it on everything! By the tittle you probably know what I’ve organized this time. Honestly the before isn’t even that bad (I did put the labels on a while ago so I don’t have a TRUE before picture.

Having a side by side fridge-freezer means that you have less space to put fridge things. I am not saying that it’s totally small or anything, but eventually I would love to get a double door fridge with a small freezer at the bottom. I wouldn’t even mind a small freezer upstairs because we have a pretty big deep freeze downstairs.


Okay so that is the before picture, and no, it’s not that bad but I wanted to make a post so why not!!

The sections that I have are drinks, condiments/jars, left overs, meat/cheese/dip, wraps, veg & veg/fruit.

Before I started I knew that I wanted to have something that made the fridge even more organized (apart from labels). Dollarama is pretty awesome when it comes to storage options. I got a few different options to use in my fridge (I measured everything before I went to make sure that everything would fit).

I like to have all of my drinks on the top shelf of the fridge so that they’re easy to grab. I found the perfect size organizer that fits 5 cans perfectly ($2.00 each). A slightly bigger container fits jars just right as well ($3.00 each).

I am going to try really hard to prep all of the stuff that I have when I first get it so that it’s easy to grab. As you can see in the image above is that I have labeled (just with tape) what fruits I have in which container, already washed and ready to go.

All in all I’m really happy with the simple change! It’s not much but I feel like it makes a big difference to me, especially in the drink area. Usually all the cans are up there all willy-nilly, but now they have a proper home!

Thank you for giving this a quick read πŸ™‚


Carli πŸ™‚

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