Amazon Favourites!

Amazon has become a HUGE part of how we shop now-a-days. I know for me, I’ve been on Amazon long before this pandemic started. Therefore, I have ordered plenty of things from them, and I wanted to share some of my favourites! You can click on the title of each item to bring you to the links on Amazon! (Not sponsored or anything, I just genuinely love these products).

First Row

MacBook Air 5-in-1 Set

Includes; Hard plastic case, sleeve, screen Protector, keyboard Cover & dust plugs. I really love this whole set! I bought it almost 2 years ago and it has been holding up great! The only thing is that I lost a lot of the dust plugs, but apart from that it’s awesome! There are a bunch of different colours to choose from for a very affordable price.

Packing Cubes

I bought this for our trip to Mexico and I’m so glad I did. It helped me keep my clothes organized and also helped me from over packing. When we’re able to travel again, I will most definitely be using these again.

Bamboo Utensils

I keep these in my purse so that if I’m ever somewhere that doesn’t have utensils or has plastic utensils, I have the option of using these. They are very easy to clean and they come with a carrying case which keeps them clean inside my purse.

32 Oz Insulated Water Bottle

I absolutely love this water bottle for a few reasons. First of all, I love that there are two different lid pieces, especially the one with the mouth piece. I had a bottle before that was similar to the Swell bottles (with the twist off cap), but I find I use this one way more with that mouth piece. It stays cold ALL DAY, any type of ice easily fits into the bottle and it has a little carrying piece which makes it easy to bring anywhere. This purchase is definitely in my top #3 from Amazon.

Second Row

Canvas Camera Strap

A couple of my friends and I had planned on going on a road trip to BC this past summer. Of course with COVID, we were unable to go. I did manage to go on a little road trip to take some pictures on hikes and stuff. In general it’s a really comfortable strap and I’m really glad that I bought it!

25mm F1.8 Manual Focus Lens 

I had also bought this lens for my trip and I am so impressed with it. It’s a manual lens which means no auto-focus, but I actually donโ€™t mind that. It takes wonderful pictures and the way the photos turn out kind of reminds me of an old film camera! The price is also a huge plus to this lens (I had bought it on sale so I got it for even cheaper than what it’s listed as now). This is definitely in my top #3 purchases.

Fitbit Versa Band

The original band that my Fitbit came with was grey and I wasn’t into it. It also had a strap that had a clasp on it that I found caught on everything. I love these bands because they have various colour options, they’re comfortable, affordable and the clasp slips inside itself so it doesn’t poke out! I will say though that if I’m washing my hands and donโ€™t dry well underneath the watch, my skin can sometimes become slightly irritated.

MacBook HDMI Adapter

I always want to watch YouTube on my TV or just have a bigger screen in general. This little contraption enables you to have a connection to HDMI so that you are able to use your TV as a big screen. I have a MacBook Air 13″ (2015) and it works well with it.

Third Row

FURemover Broom

With having four animals in the house, things tend to get a little ~hairy~. With traditional brooms, the hair just gets caught in the broom fibres and doesn’t really do a good job at actually cleaning the floor. I saw this broom on TikTok and I knew I needed to get one. It does such an amazing job at getting all the hair in a pile so that I can vacuum it up easier. This is definitely in the top #3 purchases.

Hairpin Table Legs 

My *soon to be* brother-in-law built me a little sideboard/credenza for my record player and records. These legs suit it so well! They are great quality and super easy to install. I have a lot of stuff on the unit so it’s able to support all of that weight as well as the weight of the unit itself.

Eames Style Chairs

I bought these chairs about a year and a half ago and I still love them! Chairs are not cheap, so I was glad I could find these for a reasonable price. I bought 6 of them and we still have 5 (One of them broke on our wedding day, not sure how). I will say that they were kind of difficult to build (just because of the way they were designed). I love how they look in the space and they’re also very easy to clean!

Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

When our bed frame broke this summer, I knew I could trust Amazon to have something that I would love. I found this exact same bed frame at Walmart but for almost double the price! Once we got it (Which came in about 3-5 days of ordering), it was very easy to install. It’s actually pretty durable and I feel like it’s a timeless piece. My only complaint is that it’s very low to the ground (which I should have realized from the picture), but overall it’s a great item!

Well, there you have it, my Amazon favourites! For me, my prime membership has definitely paid itself off. Is there anything that I listed that you already have? What item are you intrigued by? Let me know in comments!

Thank you for giving this a read!

Carli ๐Ÿ™‚

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