Hi there! My name is Carli and I’m a 23-year-old living in MB, Canada.

I wanted to start a blog because I felt like I needed a creative outlet to express myself, so here I am!

I live in Canada (Yes very very cold) with my husband Brady and my two dogs and two cats. We live in a house just outside the city with plenty of space for our fur babies to roam. We have an enormous garden that I love to tend to in the summer, and behind our house is what we call “the pits” (basically it’s like a man-made beach but it was made for the purpose of getting gravel. In the summer, Brady and I really enjoy going down to the pits for a nice swim (the water is as blue as the ocean!!).

I am currently a nursing student but I’m not sure if that is my calling In life (more about that in a future post). I’m almost done that thankfully!

I am very happy with the location of our house along with how I’ve decorated the house, which is why I want to show it off to everyone! I am very inspired by design, photographs and stories so maybe this blog will help inspire others like others blogs inspire me!

Thank you for following me with my journey!

Carli โœฎโ˜†โƒ

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